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"Lin, you are a hero, genius and modern-day literary Joan of Arc, helping young, struggling writers everywhere." 

-- Murray A. Taylor, AuthorThe Rhythm of Leaves & Jumping Fire

"I take great pleasure in recommending Lin whenever competence, creativity, and boundless energy is required and second best is just not be good enough. The highest recommendation I can make is that Lin A. Lacombe is a professional to whom I can comfortably recommend my own clients, knowing that they will be well taken care of in a manner that reflects favorably on my law practice and business consultancy firm.

Like all top-rate professionals, Lin knows the mechanics of her job extremely well. This enables her to deal with all aspects of her professional services with an open-minded sense of comfort that both relaxes and energizes in that unique way that only a true virtuoso can deliver. She is sufficiently passionate about what she does, that the energy level is so fully contagious that my staff and I would never think of not doing our part on time and with the required detail. Perhaps the best way I can say it, is that she inspires us to be better than we would ever be without her participation.

In terms of "price," I have never received less than my money's worth, delivered promptly, on time, within budget, and in a friendly, positive and professional manner. On that basis, I take pleasure in recommending her highly. And, I am always available for references regarding anyone I recommend for any service(s). 

-- Joe Reisinger, Attorney & Business Consultant

"Today was just fantastic.  I was so honored to be there.  I got so many ideas and so much stimulation so thank you for working so hard to make this a wonderful conference." 

-- Patricia Tavenner, Author, Divine Inspiration: How to Release the Artist Within

"It is a joy and a relief to work with Lin Lacombe. I trust that my needs and concerns are being addressed and that the guidance I receive is sound. Lin brings a new level of professionalism to the job: promptness, directness, follow-up and sharing her vast knowledge. She also brings her personality: kindness, caring, and humor."

Carolyn Jones, Author, Opening the Gates of the Heart:A Journey of Healing 

"Lin's experience in emergency preparedness and her suggestions on positioning my book have helped me make valuable new contacts and increased the sales of my book. 
I like Lin's strategy of marketing locally, then regionally, then nationally approach. She encouraged me launch my book nationally, but to walk into local bookstores, hold local events, engage local press with my story and book in hand, and then increase my outreach as I receive feedback and support.  I am following her suggestions to contact trade associations of emergency preparedness experts for my book."

-- Nancy G. Overton, Author, The Checklist: A Family Preparedness Plan for Disaster

"Lin Lacombe is one of the few individuals I would refer to as a mentor in my career. I had the pleasure of working closely with and learning from Lin as we transformed The Management Software Association from a group of like-minded, resource-starved software developers into the progenitors of a burgeoning software category at a time when few people had heard of "knowledgeware." Lin's intelligence, business acumen, creativity, drive, and passion are key attributes that make her a powerful force in business communications and marketing. She is a strategic genius, yet she is not afraid to get involved in the tactical details. Her work ethic is legendary and her commitment to business results dictates everything she does. Simply put, Lin is an unparalleled communicator who can deliver results that matter."
 -- Michael Shirer, Executive Director, The Management Software Association

 "Lin is an extremely creative, highly capable leader. She is passionate about her work and has a innovative mind that she uses to produce exceptional results. Lin is always willing to create and master change and encourage others through those changes. She always looks at the bigger picture and finds the opportunity in any given situation. Lin defines 'going the extra mile.' She is highly intelligent, extremely creative, and applies her breadth of experience well beyond the business arena. I hope to work with Lin again some day. She is an asset to any organization." 

-- Karlyn Carnahan, Vice President, Marketing, Fireman's Fund
"Lin excels in selecting authors and books that would benefit from focused marketing efforts. Lin is able to guide an author in the direction of maximum exposure in print (reviews) as well as opportunities for public speaking and self-promotion. Lin's prior experience of working in the corporate sector provides a strong foundation in creating branding for an author. Her agility in managing her network to best serve her clients and to benefit all involved is unmatched." 

-- Sumant Pendharkar, Real Estate Broker and Author, Raising Yourself

"As a seasoned marketing/PR professional, Lin brought her expertise to the table at D-BAM, successfully launching the company, making angel investor connections and setting a number of speaking engagements. I found Lin to be a pleasure to work with as she needs no supervision and brings the ability to set strategy and deliver on it. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again soon. 

-- Allan Linden, CEO, D-BAM

"Thanks for all your valuable insights and help."

-- Patricia C. Nuovo, CFP, Naturopath, LMT, Financial Wellness Consultant, Author, Soul Accounting: The Power of Money and Emotions

"You are wonderful, Lin. It (BAIPA) is a fabulous organization and I learned so much from each meeting, each contact. Keep up the good work." 

-- Penny Hastings, Redwood Creek Publishing

"I wanted to thank you, Lin, for the annual Get Published! Institute. It was a wonderful event."  
-- Camille Picott, Publisher, Pixiu Press, Author, Raggedy Chan

"Congratulations on a great event! Obviously a lot of hard work went into it and the results speak for themselves. A lot of people benefited from your efforts, Lin." 

-- Jim Solman, Author, Nine Books, Screenwriter

"I want to congratulate you and express my appreciation for the fine job you did developing and managing the BAIPA Get Published! Institute program on Saturday: the speakers, the sponsors, event promotion, and I'm sure there were many more details you attended to.  I've attended the event every year since 2007 and always enjoyed it and learned a lot, but this year was especially good. I believe that you deserve the lion's share of credit for the quality of the speakers and the gracious spirit of collaboration and mutual inspiration and support that existed among them and permeated the entire event. I want to express my appreciation and admiration for your very impressive achievement.  I also enjoyed and appreciated your breakout session on publicity."
-- Hilary Young, Editor

"I want to thank you and BAIPA for putting on such a great event on Saturday. I left with a notebook full of good ideas on promotion and marketing, and e-books and book apps. That's the cutting edge for me."
-- Mike Van Horn, Author/Consultant, Business Owners Toolbox 

"I think it was a remarkable seminar. It was an excellent blend of practical, theoretical, and intellectual food for thought. It was the best one I've ever attended." 
-- Margaret Speaker Yuan, Author, Editor, Project Manager and Publishing Consultant

"I really enjoyed your presentation at the Get Published! Institute - fast-paced, and jam-packed with terrific information." 

-- Rosie Sorenson, MA, MFT

"Thanks for your terrific guiding efforts regarding the BAIPA event.  I did a blog posting about the event, including a celebration, at the end, of your leadership on this. See this at"

-- Lee Foster, Author, CEO, Foster Travel

"Well-conceived, well-organized, well-attended, Lin. Encore anytime." 

-- Danny O. Snow, Unlimited Publishing, Fellow, Society for New Communications Research, speaker for Get Published! Institute 

"Today was just fantastic.  I was so honored to be there.  I got so many ideas and so much stimulation.  So thank you for working so hard to make this a wonderful conference.

-- Patricia Tavenner, Author, Divine Inspiration: How to Release the Artist Within

"Just a note to say thank you again for the wonderful BAIPA conference. I know you worked so hard on it and it really was amazing. I brought a new member who also thought it was terrific.  Thank you, thank you."
-- Carol Fabric, Author, Psychologist

"Thank you for all the incredible advice and information shared in your session.  I found a wealth of ideas, learned things to avoid, and an incredible amount of information that will be invaluable in publishing our book, . Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge and provide us tips to help us along the way to publishing success." 

-- Linda McFarland, 2Wire and Author, Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun - True Stories of Silicon Valley CEO Assistants 

"I experienced Lin as a consummate professional in the 45 minutes I listened to her deal with different independent publishers' questions during the "Ask a Pro" session portion of the BAIPA workshop. She seemed to well understand both the publicity world and the world of books, particularly independently published books. As I listened, I was impressed by the creative, as well as informed, suggestions she gave the questioners for getting the word out about their books. I felt a great confidence in her even before I asked my own question.

And when I did, I have to say--this being the first time I ever met Lin--that her immediate grasp of my situation, and her recommendations in line with that, made all the difference in the world to me, as a first-time publisher with a fairly big-name author as my first book. She dug the path for me to follow, she lit the way ahead, and she gave me hope, ideas, and specifics that I have been following ever since. I am completely grateful to have come in contact with her, and I hope for more encounters, for my books' sake and my own learning and support."  

-- Naomi Rose, Publisher, Book Development, Author. Attendee of the BAIPA Get Published! Institute Ask a Pro session.

"Thank you, Lin, for your wealth of knowledge. It is amazing how much information fell out of your head in just minutes. When you write it down and look, then you realize how amazing you are - hope you know that."

-- Michele Avanti - Author, Tales of Tamoor, President Northern California Publishers & Authors asking for PR support for their annual conference.

Lin A. Lacombe


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